COVID19 is here and it’s causing massive disruptions to life as we know it! Disney World has only ever closed a few other times and those were only for a short amount of time due to Hurricanes and 9/11.

First came Disney World announcement…

Then, Disneyland’s announcement…

But, that was not the last of the notices of continued closures…. Next up, Disney Stores, Downtown Disney, Disney Springs, all Walt Disney World Resorts and Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, effective March 20, 2020!!


Originally, the parks were only going to close through the end of the month of March 2020.

Soon, it was evident, that the end of the month of March was to come and go and become mid-April. When that date approached, Disney again sent out a notice announcing the furlough of employees after April 18th. Also, all College and International Cast Members were sent home with no known return date. Typically, the new cast members cycle in starting in January and then again in July each year.

How do the closures affect you?