Disney like a Mouse!

Created for you so YOU can Disney like a Mouse too!

About Christy


Thank you for taking the time to read my “Disney Like a Mouse Blog!”

I am really glad you stopped by and are interested in what I have to share about all things Disney!

I have been visiting Disney World since it opened in 1971 (as an infant), so really, this blog was something I have been wanting to write and share for a while.

After all, the Magic Kingdom and I are both middle-aged now :-)!

I know, you are asking…

who am I and WHY do I matter? Well, let me answer your question ….

I have been to Disney World over 500+ times in my life-time and because of those experiences, I understand a lot of the nuances about Disney World for theme parks and resorts. I always look to learn something new each and every time I visit Disney World and I like to share that with YOU.

I often see families hurry to this and hurry to that and they do not take the time to stop and see the magic that is Disney and that’s what I hope to help you all discover through this blog.

When I became a mom of twins, I could not wait to experience Disney through their eyes! In fact, I remember being 17 weeks pregnant and taking “them” to Magic Kingdom via my belly. I remember watching the fireworks and coming back to the room at Pop Century and writing about my feelings for how that was their first of many magical experiences in their lives!

It’s been fun watching them experience Disney through the years and how the simple things struck awe and wonder, now have morphed into love of other things about Disney.

My son has autism, and I am forever grateful to Disney for giving him an outlet for sensory and fun, as well as consideration for his disability. IF you are a special needs family, I especially encourage you to reach out to me, because I have been in your shoes and can offer help. 🙂

Our family always joke that we “Disney like a Mouse!”, so we decided to create a blog to share our experiences so that they may help your family discover things you may not have known were there, whether it’s your first trip to Disney, or your 500th (like me).

This blog is a work-in-progress and I am so excited to share my many, many years of information with you! So hang on tight and put on your Mickey Ears and let’s get on that magical express to knowledge so you can “Disney like a Mouse” too!

Disclaimer: All these reviews, write-ups, comments, pictures, videos, stories, whatever, are ALL MINE and my families, and they are all OUR OPINION! None of these opinions are in any way affiliated with the Walt Disney Company(tm) or any company associated with The Walt Disney Company!