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Disney’s All-Star Resorts

Disney’s All-Star Resorts are considered to be in Disney’s “Value” Resort category. For most families with kids, the value resorts are an excellent dollar value for the budget minded. Your kids won’t know you didn’t go all out for their Disney vacation, and it won’t matter, because they will be so tired from their day of fun at the Theme Parks and the larger-than-life displays at the various resorts that are uniquely-themed, they will not care.

The “All-Star Resorts,” include the following “themed’ resorts: All-Star Sports, All-Star Music and All-Star Movies. Each All-Star Resort is uniquely themed towards it’s resort name and will have everyone in your party feeling as if Disney created the resort experience just for them!

For most first-time guests, it’s mind-blowing to see such large-scale features of favorite icons. These larger-than-life feature from gigantic jukeboxes and piano key streets to bongo drums and marachas at All-Star Music giant foosball set and giant football fields with the Donald Duck Family, all the way to the Baseball Diamond Pool area at All-Star Sports. At All-Star Movies, the family will be delighted by such favorites as: 101 Dalmatians, Fantasia and Toy Story features (minus Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head because they are at POP Century), Mighty Ducks, Herbie the Lovebug as well as Mickey’s Fantasia at All-Star Movies.

Bottom line is that these resorts are considered VALUE in the Disney Resort Category, so what does that mean? You can find much more info regarding our opinion of value resorts, however, here is a quick summary:

  1. The food court has less extensive offerings and has no full-service restaurant on-site. (Note: however,

of Also, who doesn’t love a resort that doesn’t have pools and a way to delight all ages in a family, from youngest to oldest.

Each All-Star Resort includes a main pool and at least 1-2 other pools for guests to enjoy, laundry, quick service dining options, as well, as pool bars Depending on the area of …………