Have you ever wished you could bring home a souvenir that represented your visit? You know … the souvenir that said – OMG – BEST VACAY EVER?

WOW! What a score!!!!

I first found the Steamboat Minnie Popcorn Bucket at StoryBook Popcorn Cart in the morning and then as we were leaving for the night, I got the LAST Steam Boat Mickey Popcorn Bucket at the popcorn cart near Cinderella Castle! Woohoo! I was so excited! Giddy in fact!

In my opinion, popcorn buckets are the new “souvenir” to take home!!!

Everywhere you look at Disney, you will find a chance to own some special memories. For me, my best score were the SteamBoat Willie Minnie and Mickey popcorn buckets!!!!

I have always referred to these as Classic Mickey and Classic Minnie Popcorn Buckets! Regardless, of whatever you call them, if you nab one of these, they certainly will make you smile every time you look at them!

I love having collected this duo for my popcorn bucket collection! In an upcoming post, I will feature my current collection of popcorn buckets. I even have one that dates back to the 25th Birthday Celebration at Magic Kingdom!

Until then, enjoy these beauties!