Hi! I’m an autism mom and I’m glad you stopped by to read this post. What I have to say is important and it really doesn’t matter why you stopped by to read this post, but, what matters is that you stopped by!

Whether you stopped by this post because you are curious, or because you know someone with special needs and you wonder, how in the world can we go to Disney or anyplace with our family and someone with special needs.

I am here to tell you that YES! YOU CAN TRAVEL with someone with special needs in public and everywhere!!! Traveling to places such as as Disney World, Sea World, Universal, Disney Cruises, Beaches, and so many other places are becoming so much more accessible to our special families!

The world has become so much more aware of autism and special needs and it is amazing how caring, compassionate and considerate workers at the theme parks, and other destination locations, such as Beaches and Cruise Lines, have become!

More and more locations and travel agents are taking the steps to become Certified Autism Travel Providers so that they can understand what our special populations are going through. Also, if you are considering travel, be sure to find a provider that has been Certified by the IBCCES as Certified Autism Travel Professionals and Certified Autism Travel Centers.

Lucky for you all, I am a mom to a special needs child/teenager, a Disney expert (and other theme parks), as well as a Certified Autism Travel Professional. I can pretty much assure you that our family has been there and done that and survived “it” (“it”= insert whatever worst case scenario you can imagine)!!!! Even with the worst “it’s” you can imagine, we still had a great time, made memories and keep going on family vacations many times a year.

My purpose for this blog and these posts are to help your family have as magical of a vacation as any normal family! You all deserve it and so does your special person!

Here, I share my top strategies for dealing with some of the obstacles most of our special families need to prepare for as they begin the planning stages for their vacations.

YOU CAN DO IT and I am here to help you through the process!


Christy Scheeeler, CATP and Autism mom!!