So, if you NOT been to the parks in the past year, you may, or may not, know that Disney has recently added an additional mode of transportation at the Walt Disney World Resort Complex.

The SKYLINER is a fast mode of transportation for guests staying at POP Century, Art of Animation, Caribbean Beach Resort, and Riviera to EPCOT and HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS. The Skyliner is also a great way to park hop between EPCOT and HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS when park hopping returns!

I have another post about the Skyliner experience, but, I wanted to write a post about what to do when their is BAD WEATHER and LIGHTNING in the area.

DO NOT WORRY! Disney will NOT strand your family inside the Skyliner while an electrical storm is nearby. In fact, once Disney has gotten all the guests OFF the Skyliner, they will not reopen the Skyliner as a mode of transportation until 1 hour AFTER the last reported bad weather has cleared a 10-mile radius!

So, what does this mean if you NOT at your desired destination? Keep reading for the details.

Scenario 1:

Skyliner is no longer running at Hollywood Studios theme parks.

  • Hollywood Studios:
    If the Skyliner is not running at Hollywood Studios, simply keep walking straight ahead, until you reach the bus depot area.
  • At the bus route search for the # slot for your desired destination and wait (socially distanced) in the correct queue. If you are unsure of what your bus depot number is, find a Transportation Cast Member and htey will help you.
  • CAll and UBER / LYFT
  • Go back into the current park and wait the hour to get back on the Skyliner.
  • EPCOT:
    If the Skyliner is NOT running at EPCOT, it’s a bit more cumbersome to take the bus. Chances are, you will NOT pay attention to the fact that the Skyliner is CLOSED until you have already departed the park at the International Gateway section. So, you have a few options.
  • RE-ENTER EPCOT by going back through temperature check and ticketing and continue enjoying the park – unless the park is closed.
  • Pay attention BEFORE you depart EPCOT as to whether the Skyliners are running. If you are unsure, ask a cast member BEFORE exiting the ticketing exit area and they can help find out for you.
    1. At this point, you can decide to STAY in the park, or walk to the front of the park (towards Space Ship Earth) and find the bus depot area. Find your desired location bus area and stand in socially distanced queue. OR,
    2. You can walk to Boardwalk and catch a bus to Disney Springs or another theme park and then catch another bus to your desired resort hotel. OR,
    3. Call for an UBER or LYFT from the Boardwalk Resort. It is tricky finding your way out of Boardwalk, but, just ask Cast Members as you pass them.
    4. You can also walk to Swan or Dolphin, but, bus service may not be as fast.
    5. Once Disney returns to normal, you can also access Disney’s Beach and Yacht Club resorts for quicker access to bus service.



IF you are stuck at POP CENTURY or Art of ANIMATION, simply go to your resorts Bus area for access to the park of your choice. Easy!

Caribbean Beach Resort is a whole other story. Even me, a seasoned Disney pro, was a bit confused, and I think Disney has not done a good job of educating resort guests about what to do if the Skyliner is not running.

  • If you are at Caribbean Beach and you notice the Skyliner is NOT running, you have 2 options.
    • 1. Go to your resort area bus stop and take the INTER RESORT BUS. This is the bus that only goes from one bus stop to another WITHIN the Caribbean Beach Resort complex. This will get you to the SKYLINER Bus Depot. From the Bus Depot area at SKYLINER, you will be able to access EPCOT or Hollywood Studios. This option takes MUCH LONGER!
    • Walk to the Skyliner and proceed to the bus depot area. Cast Members will be available to help guide you to the area where the buses load guests for access to the Skyliner theme parks (EPCOT and Hollywood Studios).

This whole process at Caribbean Beach had us very confused at first, because all you initially see at the bus stops is the tv screen telling guests to use the Skyliner and then the hours. BUT, we are thinking the Skyliner is not running. There is no mention of Skyliner having a bus depot and we had no clue (and we are here all the time). What Disney should say is Skyliner BUS Depot, maybe after this post, they will modify the icon or at least put a disclaimer for guests to know what to do.

Thus, this post has been born! I hope you find it helpful and will help you make the best decision for your group when presented with these situations.

The transportation situation at EPCOT and then FROM Caribbean Beach Resort to a park are the most problematic in stormy weather, so have a plan before you go!

Are you ready to return to the magic? Magic is happening at Disney! Now is the time to visit while crowd levels are low! Florida’s Governor, Ron Desantis, has said the theme parks can increase capacity without State approval, so hurry and come back to the magic before crowds are back to 100%!

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