This ride was AWESOME! The only similarities to the Great Movie Ride were the similar concept in large vehicle seating for everyone to get into, as well as a tribute to ‘film’ via Mickey cartoons.

That is where the ride similarities ended and the wow factor began!

Once you make it inside the theater, you are taken into a room where you see a snip of Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Picnic cartoon.

This ride takes you along with Mickey and Minnie as they go on a picnic in “Runnamuck Park.”

In true fashion, things ‘runnamuck’ and Minnie and Mickey have adventures to go through before they get to their picnic and they take all of us along with them!

Once you enter the general line queue, you are directed to the Runnamuck Park Trains for boarding. The wait wasn’t too bad, but, be prepared to wait.

Should you need disability boarding access, you will be directed to a separeate queue where a single train car docks and allows time for loading and unloading. Once you are secure, you are sent on your way to re-attach to the main “Runnaway Train”.

The ride features BRILLIANT effects, sharp graphics, and videography to immerse you, the rider, into the feeling of joining Mickey and Minnie on their picnic journey.

I did not want to share EVERYTHING about the ride so some of it stays a secret so you can experience it as you should – fresh, but, here are 2 of my favorite video snips of the whirlwind tornado and the water fall!